Your Most Frequent Enquiries

¿How do I place an order?


Go to "Our Products" and find your ideal Wayúu Handbag. Make sure that you note the name of it before emailing us your order at We will agree with you the payment details and timing of your order in the most convenient manner possible. 


¿Is there a better price for a multiple order?


Of course! Please email us at to know further details. 


We are pleased to know how much people resonate with the Wayúu colours. Hence, our interest is not only about selling but about spreading them around the world. 


¿Can I wash my Wayúu Handbag without losing its colours?


Yes, indeed. Each Wayúu Handbag has been elaborated with industrially tainted fibres that will hold the colours long enough for you to enjoy them. It is recommendable to hand wash your Wayúu Handbag with soap, cool water and a soft brush.

What if my Wayúu Handbag comes with any flaw?


We take our time visiting the communities and chosing the best handbags out of the best​, in order to avoid such a situation. So buying with us is a guarantee! However, if your question is this one and you are among those who prefer to be sure about every detail before buying, do not worry! We will explore the ideal solution with you, ensure that your need is solved and that you can enjoy your Wayúu Handbag as we intend to. 


What if I do not find the one I have in mind?


Well just let us know what colours you are looking for! We are constantly renewing our inventory so we will try our best to suit your desire.


What is exactly the social engagement that Yonna is about?


Our idea of doing business is that the success of it means welfare for everybody who interacts in the process. Hence, we find a way to work with our partner Wayúu Families in their community projects. We are starting now with a school project in La Guajira, where one of our weavers used to be a teacher.