2nd Wayuu Art & Design Contest

After our first edition, held on November 2017, Yonna Wayuu made possible a new edition of the Wayuu Art & Design Contest.

The host community was Kayushu-Wararu, located in Manaure, in La Guajira, North of Colombia.

The young Wayuu artists with ages between 15 and 20 years of age came from Küashamana and Kayushu-Wararu communities.

They had been practicing for the contest which has brought them enthusiasm and new dreams about the possibilities of Wayuu arts and design.

We brought all paper materials necessary for the contest, and thanks to Aeropuertos de Oriente, we brought along Wake, the Mural Artist and Andrés Uribe, the Videographer.

During 2 hours time the contestants innovated and reinvented their traditional designs, complying with the contest's only three rules: 1) Designs should honour their Wayuu roots, 2) they should be original (created by them), and 3) They should be applicable to different and new media, other than traditional handcrafts.

The champion designs were chosen by a jury composed of 2 Wayuu weavers, who verified the Wayuu heritage of the design as well as its composition; 3 professional mural artists (Wake, Akore & Jaba), our sponsors (Pintuland, Aeropuertos de Oriente), a Photography artist, a Graphic Designer, and Yonna Wayuu's Founders.

After an intense deliberation, the winning designs were from Eder Rafael Epinayú (14), who challenged the age range set for the contest with a poetical and representative creation; and Saul Pinto Arpushaina (17), with a powerful graphic composition.

The 1st Wayuu World Mural

The Design made by Eder Rafael Epinayu was transformed into a Mural by a team led by Wake, an expert muralist from Bogota, the design's author, 6 finalists, a Wayuu weaver and Yonna Wayuu's Founders, Ana and Santiago.

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