Wayuu World Mural Project

What we'll do.


Our purpose is to inspire young Wayuu artists, from 15 to 20 years of age, to visualize and cultivate the power of their art and creativity.

Why we do it.

Because we see the fascinating potencial of Indigenous art as a powerful vehicle for youth empowerment, social transformation and better livelihoods among the Wayuu tribe.

How we'll do it.

Wayuu Art & Design Contest

On the 3rd weekend of June, we will organize a 2nd contest, similar to the one held on November 2017, among artists of 15 to 20 years of age from local Wayuu communities. 

A jury of professional artists, designers and Wayuu weavers, will choose 3 winners among over 50 contestants. 

Wayuu Murals

We will turn the champion designs into murals in Singapore (SG), New York City (USA), Barcelona, Riohacha and Bogotá (Colombia), with the help of professional mural artists.

VR Experiences

Using VR Goggles, mural visitors in Singapore, NYC and Bogotá will have a chance to visualize how life is in the "rancherías" where the Wayuu families live.

In contrast, the Wayuu families will have a chance to see through VR how life is in NYC and Bogotá.

¿Why a mural? 


By bringing their designs to public murals where the world can appreciate them, we are giving them a chance to understand and visualize the possibilities of their creative power as a means to transform the world and to create a new livelihood where value lies in what they know and what they create, and not in their manual labour.

¿Why young Wayuu artists?


Wayuu art and handcrafts are currently a trend around the world.


However, the actual artist is not being fairly paid. What they receive is barely enough to compensate for the materials they use in the making, and does not compensate for their creative idea nor labor.


Understandably, many of them are choosing career paths that provide them a better compensation in a western world, while putting this marvelous art at the risk of extinction in the long run. 

Therefore, as we did last year, we want to show them again what their artistic power can do for them, their communities, and the world!


Self taught Graffiti & Street Artist based in Barcelona, creator of "Afrocolor" Art. Painting in the streets since 1989.

His work is influenced by urban culture, Hip-Hop, the African American movements and culture, by the African Aesthetics, Street Art, Pop Art and Graphic Design. He is considered one of the most active and influential street artists in Barcelona.


Born in Armenia, Colombia, Jaba moved to Liège at the age of 14. He quickly became one of the leading figures of graffiti from Liège and Belgium. After studying in St-Luc (Liège) in Space Arts and Illustration, he moved to Singapore and became Concept Artist and Digi-matte Painter for "ILM", the "Special Effects" division of Lucas Film Ltd. Mathieu taught at Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore. 


"Painting as a tool for revolution! The way to shake a gray world, the channel to share the truth carrying a message of hope to humanity. Colombian Graffiti writer, established in Bogotá, his figurative and geometric style is inspired by spatial reasoning, the ability to imagine and create 3D objects in the mind, the truthfulness of giving shape and life to any scenario that needs to be transformed. Style is your identity, it is what you are. Creating your own style is one of the things more difficult, but when you work hard to find your identity, it's like having Found a treasure under the sea." Wake.

WALLS: www.flickr.com/src12         Instagram: _wake1_

Sponsor Tickets

You can be a sponsor of our project by buying one of our Sponsor Tickets. The money you pay for each ticket will become a tool that will make the contest, the murals, the VR experience and the Young Artists' trip possible!  They range from 1 USD up to 900 USD. Join us now and please help us spread the word!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Facilitating Allies

As Digital Transformation experts, DaVinci will make possible the VR Setup of our project. They are providing all technologies involved in the process: 360 Camera that will shoot the lifestyle of Wayuu Rancherías, VR Goggles and viewing apps.   www.davincitech.co

Urbanist, architecture and urban art masters, New Inc - WeDesigns LLC are facilitating the process in New York City that will make possible the mural intervention according to norms and the highest aesthetic and quality standards.  

The Colombian Government is supporting our project through its New York Consulate. The Consul, Maria Isabel Nieto, has been very helpful reaching out to stake holders and making this dream possible.

As audiovisual professionals and masters, www.4Direcciones.tv will be bringing the art and the spirit to the VR experiences that will occur during the Mural Intervention. Their experience is outstanding and spiritual when it comes to build bridges among Indigenous and non Indigenous cultures through audiovisual arts. 

These art experts from Bogotá represent more than a Spray Paint Brand. They are a street art family based in the Colombian Capital District. Their intention is to paint walls as a way to trespass them, as a metaphor about art and its ways to bring people together. They have painted many murals around the world and will contribute with our Mural Project by offering part of the paint used in the elaboration of the murals in different cities. Furthermore, they will give the Wayuu artists a workshop on Graffitti!


Check out their website & inspirational video:  http://austerspray.com/   

Aeropuertos de Oriente S..A.S., is the company in charge of managing & operating, and modernizing the airports of Bucaramanga, Santa Marta, Cúcuta, Valledupar, Riohacha and Barrancabermeja. Through its program "An Airport for All", the company is promoting:

1) Corporate Social Responsibility, meeting the needs of communities in the regions where the company has operations.

2) Airports as promotion platforms in cultural, artistic, sports, health, education, among others.

3) Airports as promoters of the destinations where it operates at the tourist level and air routes.


For this project, the Concession is providing YonnaWayuu the wall space in the Riohacha airport and will finance its execution.

Pintuland is one of the iconic companies in the Colombian Paint industry. Over 34 years of outstanding work have made them a name in their market. Their generosity will provide this project the paint for the murals in Bogotá and Riohacha.  http://pintuland.com.co/


Santiago Torres


Founder - Bogotá Project Partner

Yonna Wayuu - Director

DaVinci Technologies - Social Impact Manager


Sociocultural Entrepreneur, Artist, Musician & Peace Builder

For over 10 years he has dedicated his time in the empowerment of rural communities, including Afro-Colombian and native indigenous groups., with entrepreneurial initiatives such as yonnawayuu.com, as well as government and global institutions. 

The Team



Camila Varón


NYC Project Partner

Architect, Artist & Yogini


Junior Architect at WE-Designs (Architectur/Creative Strategy), she is working on cultural projects and installations for this year's Venice Architecture Biennale and London Design Biennale, among other experience design and real estate development projects. Also a freelancer architect and collaborator in street art, photography, and sculpture.  Art and architecture are tools for social engagement through the appropriation of public spaces.



Artist/Muralist - Barcelona

Akore is a self-taught Graffiti and Street Artist born in Murcia and raised in Barcelona, where he lives and works. He is considered one of the most active and well-known street artists in Barcelona today.

Akore started painting at the end of the 80’s to the hip-hop beat that exploded at that time in Barcelona’s suburbs, where he grew up. It was during that time that he started to work on his first sketches, illustrations, calligraphy, typography, tags and graffiti.


Natalia Angel

Singapore Project Partner

Entrepreneur, Event Producer & Artist Manager

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, but raised in North America, Natalia is an active and very creative event producer. She has devotedly promoted Colombian Culture in Singapore and while doing so she has been part of cultural and artistic events. She currently represents Didier Jaba in Singapore. 

Colombian-Belgian Artist & Digital Designer

Design credits in movies such as Transformers, Iron Man, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Star Trek. 

Lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic 2011, muralist.