Welcome to our Christmas initiative!

Join us this Christmas 2017!


We are bringing Christmas presents to the children of the Wayuu community we work with and you can be a part of it.

On November 2017, in the Küashamana community, we made the first Wayuu Design Contest among local teen agers and young adults.


The two stunning winning designs were printed into Gift Wrapping Paper.


Now we are selling it at 2USD per package of two rolls (50x70cms each) to raise funds that will be used to buy the gifts for the younger children of Küashamana! 

Our main goal is to inspire young artists by showing them the possibilities that their arts and talent may bring to them and their communities. 

2nd Place


his handmade design

illustrated version of his design

final print

1st Place

jesús david romero (15)

his handmade design

illustrated version for printing

final print

the video of the first yonna wayuu contest!


Contest Gallery